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Zivvy’s Ultimate Voter Registration Guide

(ZIVVY) - With Election Day just a month away, time is ticking to make sure your voter registration is up to date. In some states, the last day to register is as early as Oct. 9. (We’re looking at you Alaska and Rhode Island). Find the deadline for your state here


The youth vote has the power to be decisive this election season, especially in certain swing states. Gen Z and millennials could determine the outcome of elections in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada, where candidates are competing for key Governor and Senate races. 


Zivvy’s voter guide has all the information you need about how to register and get ready to cast your vote on Nov. 8. 


How do I register? is going to be your new favorite website. Click on your state or territory, and you’ll find instructions on how to register based on where you live. The registration deadline can be up to 30 days before the election, so you need to get moving if you’re not registered yet.


Most states have online registration which makes the process super easy. When you sit down to register, make sure you have ID and a document with proof of address nearby. Depending on your state, you will be able to finish registering online or be prompted to print out a form and mail it to your local election office. 


I don’t know if I’m registered.


Not sure if you’re registered to vote? You can check your voter registration status here. If it turns out you’re already registered, great! Make sure all of your information is up to date. If not, get moving! The election will be here before you know it.


Keep in mind that your voter registration may be listed as “inactive” if you have moved, changed your name or did not vote in recent elections. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to re-register. Check your state’s election website to figure out the next steps you need to take. 


What if I’m registered at a different address?


It’s important that you make sure you’re registered at your current address, even if you just moved within your state. Local elections are important and you want to vote in the ones that impact you. 


If you’re a college student, it’s up to you whether you register at your home address or your school address. Just make sure you’re not registered at both.


If you’re registered at home, make sure to sign up for an absentee ballot ahead of the election. You can order one here.


Students with scholarships or tuition that require residency should check with your financial aid office before making changes to their registration, to make sure that won’t impact your status.


How do I vote early or absentee?


Every state has absentee voting, but eligibility varies. Find out if you’re eligible to vote absentee in your state here


Some states require a valid excuse to vote absentee, such as an inability to get to your polling place, attending college out of state or traveling internationally. If you plan on casting an absentee ballot, make sure to keep up with your state’s deadlines for requesting and returning your ballot.


Most states also have early voting, which allows you to cast your ballot in person ahead of Election Day. You don’t usually need an excuse to vote early. Find out if your state allows in-person early voting here.


How do I find my polling place?


If you’re planning to vote in person, you can find your polling place here.


What do I need to bring with me to vote on Election Day?


If it’s your first time voting in a federal election, you must bring ID to prove who you are. This includes congressional elections, not just presidential ones. Your state could also have its own ID requirements. You can see if your state requires ID here.


Remember that as long as you're in line before the polls close you have the right to vote. You can report voter intimidation to the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE or to your local election officials.


What if I still have questions?


Check out Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on building the political power of young people. If you have more questions, send @zivvymedia a DM on Instagram or Twitter and we will do our best to help you out.

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