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News for Gen Z by Gen Z
We're giving you a voice on the issues shaping your future

A new way of consuming the news without the trolls getting you down. Zivvy is a digital community for people seeking answers on today's most extraordinary global issues and looking for a place to discuss them. 

Zivvy comes from the term Zivilcourage, which means moral courage and individual bravery. We can all lead in small ways every day.  


Curiosity is no small thing, with a daily bombardment of information from left, right, and center.  it takes courage to have conversations with people who don't think the same way as you.


We encourage you to stay curious, ask questions, and be defiant.

Sounds great right?

So how do we intend to do all of this?

1. our audience are our stakeholders. we believe that if young people are expected to be the future, they should be a piece of the puzzle and not a partisan talking point.


2. we provide factual, balanced news to keep you engaged and keep you asking questions about the world and the systems around you. 


3. we facilitate discussion between people with different perspectives, not to make clickbait of political dogfight porn (the internet has enough of that already), but to learn from one another with curiosity and, yes, respect (WHAT A CONCEPT, we know!) 

Zivvy encourages an "us against the problem" mindset, instead of bashing the other side into submission. We all have thoughts, past experiences, and serious concerns that deserve to be heard.

Join us! 

Be part of the conversation, find your voice, and be the change.

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